"I have known Lisa for the past 8 years. She has been an incredible mentor and friend. Our relationship started when we met at Blue Moon yoga studio in Exeter where she introduced me and many others to the practice of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. From the moment we met I could see the inner light that radiates from the very center of her being. At the time we met I was going through some especially challenging issues. Being in her class was always a place of respite and rejuvination. Her kind heart and compassionate presence allows her to hold space for people to process, practice self care and be in community without judgement. Lisa has also served as my Reiki mentor, in addition to providing tarot card readings and powerful energetic healing sessions. She gives her clients agency during 1:1 sessions, catering to their needs while maintaining professional boundaries with her empathic leadership. Her capacity to meet people where they are and her unconditionally supportive presence are a rare gem and something I have yet to experience elsewhere."

Israel Singh

"When I first started looking for a tarot card reader, I was looking for someone who was more than just accurate. Accuracy is great, and you've got the gift, but I was really looking for someone who could hold a safe space for me. That is to say that no matter what was going to come up for me, I needed to know that it was gonna be ok. That's exactly what I get with Lisa. No matter what the cards say, I feel safe a supported every time. Having Lisa's mentorship has been like having an extra tool in my tool-belt of life." 


"I count the sessions I had with Lisa as a real blessing in my life. Our time together proved to be incredibly helpful at a time when I really needed it. During our sessions, Lisa brought forth insights about my life that were both validating and profoundly healing. She helped me find clarity on questions I felt  hung up on, and she helped me shift my life in important and meaningful ways. She always offered me her unflinching support and encouragement to believe in myself and my own abilities and inner-knowing. For that, I will always be grateful to her.


I have the deepest respect for Lisa and for the work she is doing in the world.  She is a tremendously gifted healer and teacher and a true gift to the world."

Erin Steckler

"I highly recommend Lisa Rockenmacher for energy work. She has a light,  joyful approach and is a wonderful intuitive guide. I feel like she helped me find clarity and balance. It was like there was a window that was covered with grime and dust and she helped me wipe the grime and dust away so the light could shine in and out."

Kristan Bishop

"Lisa has been a consistent grounding resource for me since 2011. Being aware that personal energies effect me deeply, especially my own, Lisa has supported my journey of letting go, opening up and experiencing the positive potential of vulnerability.  She has an exceptional capacity for holding a space of safety and non-judgement."

Lindsay Jo Chandler